Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I started a blog, ew.

How the hell did I end up with a BLOG? I mean I enjoy scribbling shit and doodling in my Lisa Frank technicolor puppies notebook, but I can hide that biznatch under anything; this is pretty public. Whatever, I think I have adolescent-onset carpel tunnel anyway so writing with a pen is just out of the question. Typing should be too but at least it's quicker. So, now that I have this blog do I have some kind of assignment to do or something? Are there some kind of guidelines I need to follow or can I just wax about whatever I want (8:14 am: ate 3 grapes. 8:15 am: plagued by grape guilt. 8:15;21: began 4 hour cardio session)? I guess I'll just wing it until I get bought and sold on the human trafficking market by some seriously PO'ed google exec, whatever.
Speaking of whatever, I'm starting to think that people my age are way closed-minded when it comes to current events. I know that watching the news can be about as fun as using your bare hands as a collander, but I think that we can do a little better. Maybe pick up a newpaper? Yeah, no longer should newspapers be used to paper your little brother's bed, make cool hats out of, or cut letters out of to make an untraceable message/puzzle to your ex-girlfriend. I went to the library at school the other day and asked the librarian if I could buy a newspaper there. He confusedly pointed me to the rack where they put the newspaper out by section on those annoying wooden sticks. He did not understand that I wanted to buy a paper and take it with me to read. He was also pretty much full-blown Indian so I'm not sure if my request was lost in translation, but don't you need a Master's to be a librarian anyway? Whatever. The point I'm making is that no one really seems to care about anything that's happening outside of their own sphere of influence. I'm definitely not fully on top of anything that's going on (so not), but at least I make an effort to read some articles and admit that it's mildly shameful that I'm ill informed. I picked up an issue of Vanity Fair not that long ago (to drool over things I couldn't afford even if I sold half of my vital organs) and was pleasantly surprised to see that 1) Kate Winslet was on the cover. What the shit, she is fabulous. 2) There was a free Clinque lotion sample somewhere in there. and 3) There were a TON of legit articles. Not just "How to Legally Stalk Your Work Crush" or "To Pluck, or not to Pluck?". There was a list of 100 Influencial People and it was so interesting, some of the people were foreign princes, some were internet moguls, some were actors. Even though I thought I was buying a fashion mag (it still had clothes and stuff in it) I got all this information that I never even knew existed before then. I don't remember everything I read, but the point is that I read. I know other people my age who read, stay informed, and have opinions based on more than just what MTV News tells them (if that, yikes). But I know a ton more people who not only know nothing about the world that they live in, but who also have absolutely no interest in learning. Doesn't that make you feel stupid when you're at Starbucks waiting for your [triple grande nonfat extra caramel caramel macchioto, thanks] and someone leans over to you idly making conversation and says, "Huh. How 'bout those Blagojevich tapes?" and you respond, "Oh, I'm not really into Russian music." I'm not saying I'm the ideal current events afficionado, but I wish that I were. I think that everyone could do well to stay open minded about things happening outside their bubble.
This has absolutely turned to rambling, but whatever; I often hear people at school say stuff like, "who READS?" like they're asking "who PICKS THEIR NOSE AND EATS IT?" and I just want to staple little notes to their foreheads that say "out of order". Kindly stop harrassing me for being interested in stuff other than beer pong, text messaging, and the acclaimed musical stylings of Lil Wayne. Don't get me wrong, 2/3 of those things are fine (Weezy baby, not so much) but there's more to life than these things. It's okay to have diverse interests and be multi-dimensional (just like my boxed hair color promises). I think my favorite thing is when I meet someone who's ya know, nice and whatever but then they somehow let it slip that they enjoy [insert anything unobvious here] and they're totally passionate about it. Even if it's something that I would find boring (bird watching), or strange (exorcism) or unheardof (GOLF!?) it's so refreshing and inspirational to see someone with a passion. Damn, why is that so uncommon? I personally love writing and (I know this sounds blase) movies. I love everything about movies, all the actors, the directors, the soundtracks, the camera angles. I find few things more exciting than going to see a movie, however one of those few things I enjoy more is going to see a movie when it only costs 50 cents because I'm frugal as whoa...not the point. I don't know if it's possible to be passionate about movies, but I'm passionately/maniacally in love with Shia LaBoef, so whatever. So bottom line is that people need to watch more Shia LaBoef movies. Oh wait, no that's not the bottom line. The bottom line is bird watching is boring, and golf is really, really, REALLY boring. Shit, no, that's not it either. Okay well you can determine the bottom line and submit it to me at the end of the period. No homework passes.